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State of Tomorrow

State of Tomorrow is an award-winning PBS series that explores critical challenges facing Texas and the world. Throughout the 31 segments in 13 episodes, we meet families who are grappling with serious illnesses, men and women preparing to confront disasters, and researchers pursuing the most intricate, elusive problems of health, science, education, technology and the environment. With personal stories from our communities, the series demonstrates the profound impact public higher education has on all of our lives. All across Texas, public higher education innovators are working on real-world solutions to today’s greatest challenges — solutions to improve our daily lives, whether or not we ever step on a college campus. With State of Tomorrow™, we’re with them in the lab, in the classroom or in the field. Co-produced by Alpheus Media and UT Systems.


Film & Photo Research and Archive Coordinator
I worked closely with producers and editors to fulfill all third-party photo/footage needs under intense deadlines. Utilized extensive network of contacts to negotiate, secure, and license footage to stay within limited budget constraints for non-profit/non-commercial production. Responsible for attaining, archiving, and maintaining comprehensive collection of third-party footage for 13-part PBS series, “State of Tomorrow.”
Winner of five Lone Star Emmy Awards, 2007-2008.